Paola Casati

Role: Associate Professor

Affiliation: Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Milan


She holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science and a PhD in Plant Biology and Crop Plant Productivity. She is also licensed to practice as an agronomist.  She has done research in the area of viruses and phytoplasmas characterization responsible for grapevine and fruit diseases. She has characterized the microbial community of plants by dependent (medium) and independent methods (NGS) for the study and development of low-impact method for plant pathogen containment (endophytes). She has a strong expertise in the development of innovative diagnostic methods (two patents filed for the diagnosis of blackwood and flavescence dorée) for example use of nanopore for the detection of fungi, bacteria and viruses of ornamental plants. She teaches the following courses: Biotechnology for Plant Protection Biocontrol of Pathogens – Innovative, Low Environmental Impact Approaches for The Control of Pathogens and Virology and Physiopathological Biotechnologies.


Expertise and skills: