Silvia Laura Toffolatti

Role: Associate Professor

Affiliation: Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Milan


After classical studies, I graduated in Biological Sciences and obtained a PhD in Agricultural Ecology. My research activity focuses on plant protection from fungal diseases, grapevine downy mildew in particular. I teach “Vineyard Protection: Plant Pathology” in the bachelor degree in Viticulture and Oenology, and “Plant Protection Management” within the master degree in Crops and Plant Sciences. My ambition is to improve the sustainability of plant protection through the development of safe and innovative means and criteria. For this reason, I deal with the biology and epidemiology of pathogens, plant-pathogen interaction, disease forecasting models, resistance to fungicides, efficacy of active substances and disease management strategies.  What I love about my job is the possibility of applying the research outcomes in the open field.


Expertise and skills: