Walter Chitarra

Role: Senior Researcher

Affiliation: CREA – Research Centre for Viticulture and Enology


I graduated in Agroecology and subsequently obtained a PhD in Agricultural, Forestry and Environmental Sciences at the University of Turin. My research activity is focused on topics involving and integrating plant physiology and plant pathology approaches to deepen basic mechanisms and also to provide practical answers for vine management to counteract biotic and abiotic stress events. Particular interest has been placed in the study of plant-pathogen interactions, mycorrhizal symbiosis and other beneficial microorganisms in grapevine and other model plants for the induction of priming responses against biotic and abiotic stresses, growth promotion and improvement of quality features. Another line of research is the development of sustainable biotechnologies such as the use of interfering RNA for the ‘vaccination’ of grapevines against the main fungal pathogens, genome editing and cisgenesis to improve the resilience against downy and powdery mildews as well as to water stress by acting on the rootstock. The idea of discovering mechanisms and functions of phenomena and being able to share it with others to improve environmental sustainability at several levels is what I love about my job.


Expertise and skills: