Alessandra Di Canito

Role: Postdoctoral researcher

Affiliation: Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences – One Health Unit, University of Milan


After the degree in Biotechnology, I obtained a master’s degree in Science and Technology for the
Environment and Landscape and a PhD in Biology and Biotechnology. My academic activity focuses on
topics of environmental and food microbiology, with particular attention to wine microbiology, and
molecular biotechnology. I have been a research fellow for about five years and my research topics include:
i) the study of environmental microorganisms able to degrade contaminating compounds by the analysis of
metabolic pathways; ii) the study of the physiology and metabolism of oenological yeasts and bacteria as a
tool to improve the product, with particular interest in the Brettanomyces bruxellensis species; iii) the
development of molecular tools for biotechnological approaches in bacteria and yeasts; iv) the selection of
vine-associated microorganisms capable of having a biocontrol activity against pathogenic fungi.


Expertise and skills: